Ek Baar Hi Sahi Par Bula Ke Toh Dekho

It hasn’t been a long time somewhere roughly around 2-3 months I was sitting on my terrace thinking about my last year. The ups & downs, heartbreaks, and experiences had taught me a few key lessons, one of them is:

“There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.”

I choose the third one.


Ek baar hi sahi par bula ke toh dekho,
Durr se hi sahi par awaaz laga ke toh dekho.

Yunn toh aaina bhi pehchanta hai mujhe,
Khudko meri aaks mein sajaa ke toh dekho.

Mehfil se uthke sab jaate hai tum bhi chale jaana,
Par ek baar meri aagosh mein aake toh dekho.

Kyun tolte ho mujhe mere rang-o-roop se ‘kirdaar’,
Tum meri mohabbat ko aazma ke toh dekho.




Teri Mohabbat Ne Mujhe Tadpa Tadpa Ke Waasiq Bana Diya

Teri mohabbat ne mujhe tadpa tadpa ke waasiq bana diya,
Tune iss janwar ko ishq me duba ke insaan bana diya,

Mayuusi chaahti hai toh tujhe sochta hu,
Tokar marke tune iss rishtey ko bejaan bana diya..

Maine sajaaye the chand taaro ke sapne gaala ghot,
Ke tune meri ummedo ka kabristaan bana diya..


Zarre zarre pe tera naam likhne ki chahat thi,
Thod ke tune ye dil khaak-e-bistaar bana diya..

Maaf toh tujhe shayad hi kar paunga mai,
Jeeteje tune mujhko zinda laash bana diya..

Khoon ke ye aansu gawa hai meri mohabbat ke,
Thod ke ye marasim tune mere ‘kirdaar’ ko sharamsaar bana diya..

~ Kirdaar Husain


*Hum Chalte Hai*

No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is all about a change. Sometimes change is for the better, and sometimes its not.

But no matter why things are changing, we need to be able to let go and move on. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, or a treacherous betrayal, holding onto past, pain and resentment will only hold you back.

Hum Chalte Hai is one such journey which urges you to leave the past and move ahead towards a better tomorrow.

Courage to Walk Away


Isse pehle kiye dil bewafa ho jaaye hum chalte hai,
Khushiyan hamari ghila ban jaaye hum chalte hai,

Duaen hamari barsengi tere chaman me mohabbat bann ke,
Ki ab ye narazgi marasim na bann jaaye hum chalte hai..

Le jaa rahe hai yaado ki paeti me bhar ke armaan,
Kahi ye aarzu ab damm na tod de hum chalte hai..

Ajeeb si chahat paal rakhi hai jazbato ne,
Bawli ye saase ab sath na chod de hum chalte hai..

Aib-posh sa ho gaya hai ye ‘kirdaar’ mera,
Wajud-e-jannat mere pairo se na chinn jaaye hum chalte hai..


Remember, no past can harm you when you are well-seated in the present. Moving ahead is a part of LIFE.


Honeymoon couple romantic in love at beach sunset. Newlywed happ


Mere ishq ke jazbato ko jo samjhe aisa koi naa mila,
Dikhe hazar chehre par ikraar-e-mohabbat kardu aisa koi na mila..

Machi hai mere mazaar-e-dil me ranj ki jidd-o-johd,
Iss ranjish-e-yaar ko mita de aisa koi naa mila..

Uske seene me jalti hui aag kabhi mere aankh ki thandak thi,
Uss chingari ko shamma ki tarah jala de aisa koi naa mila..

Dhundta hu apne andar harr roz uske tuthe hue hisse ko,
Aine ko dekh ke raet pe meri tasveer bana de aisa koi naa mila..

Saff ba saff padhta hu mai namaze usko paane ke liye,
Khuda bhi gawah hai mera, dhundhne pe bhi aisa koi na mila..



Aisa Koi Naa Mila


Early to BED;Early to BREAK UP

Civilizations have changed, people have changed and thus our lives have changed. With this transforming world, our outlook towards love, feelings, emotions, & relationships have narrowed down to form the superficial “WE” that we are today.


From the time immemorial when love was considered a form of purity and fortunate stroke of serendipity to the minimal hook ups of the present; LOVE has lost its true meaning. Our souls have become so shallow that we are unable to see, feel and understand the real love thirsty person within us.


As a middle class family boy, I was brought up discerning SRK as the only “ROMANCE LORD”. From the falling autumn leaves to the romantic downpour singing to his signature pose he had done it all. The romance of his films has etched a love story deep down in my heart. I still think if I ever fall in love, the wind will hum a tune for my ears, my eyes will have only her picture & my heart will pound as fast as a racing horse aka symptoms of true love. But now when I have grown up to be 23, I realize that the romantic love about which I used to hear back then at 17-18 has changed into a modernized trade of well-being and social self-esteem.

Your relationships act as a trumpet for your ego clashing spirit which mediates between the conscious and the unconscious, and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. Love for your girl/boyfriend is a method of portraying a nonchalant behavior towards the masses even if you are encountering turmoil inside you.


SRK pose

How can the world undergo such a metamorphosis in only 5 years?


I had the answer to my question. EMPTINESS, FALSENESS and LOATHSOMENESS have donned their caps in our hearts. We as human beings have entered a phase of darkness and immorality.


Love for us is a mere game of sentimental notion which ends and starts everyday. People nowadays rely on the physical symptoms of love more than the emotional context of it. Find a girl on social website, chat with her, take her on a date may be once or twice, sleep with her and finally commit that you love her. This commitment will last for a month or two and then either she will get attracted to somebody else or you will start dating someone. During the final rounds she will ditch you or you will betray her or you call it a mutual break up and neither the boy nor the girl will have GUTS to end it in-person so, we use the virtual medium.


#GutlessGeneration  #EmotionlessFreaks




In short,love these days is all about: starts from your pants, stays up in the bed for a week and ends on the phone.


**Pieces Of YOU**

I sat on the edge of my building looking towards the delicate blue sky with cloudy eyes.

I stared blankly at the horizon, waiting for the sun to set.

My hands had the last letter you wrote to me.

I could hear your voice in my ear, telling me that i was all yours and only death can bring us apart.

Looking back on it now, I know you lied, because you didn’t mean any of those words.

You never meant any those words you wrote for me.

Truthfully, I forgot you, the night you left me.

The letter was there in my back pocket, folded up into a tiny square.

I took it out, and laid it on my lap , reading all the words, counting every alphabet, recalling all the memories.

I’m sorry, but I got a few tears on your romantic letter that night.

I’m sorry, but that was the only time I poured my heart and soul into it.

I watched as my tears fell to the ground, from a hundred feet up.

As my face became illuminated by light, I looked into the distance, where the sun was finally setting.

I got to my feet, and let the breeze sway me while I held the letter in my hands.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, letting my fingers relax.

When I opened my eyes, I didn’t see your face in the back of my head anymore.

All I saw was the little fragments of the letter, being carried away by the wind,

the last pieces of you.


‘Tere Bagair Jiye Kaise’

Tujhe naa yaad karne ke bahane dhundte hai,

Rab se tujhe bhul jaane ki dua karte hai,

Harr raat meri aankho se aansu ke phool jhadte hai,

Pyar ke naam se aashiqo ke dil jhalte hai,
Tere bagair jiye kaise,
Iss nadaan dil ko samjhaaye kaise..

Aiino me aajkal hum hamari parchai padhte hai,

Kalam se likhe inn shero me hum hamari awaaz sunte hai,

Khokle ho gaye itne ki harr tasveer me tujhe dhundte hai,

Waqt ke saath hum bhi maut ke taraf bhad chalte hai,

Tere bagair jiye kaise,
Tanhaai ke ye pal kaate kaise..

Muskuraate hai chehre par;andar hum aag me jhalte hai,

Zindagi ke naam pe khudko kharachte hai,

Jeete hue bhi roz marte hai,

Dil se apne unke bewafai ke kisse bayaan karte hai,

Tere bagair jiye kaise,
Ho gaye hai khushbu ke bagair phool jaise..

Aa bhi jaa hum dil se tujhe awaz dete hai,

Raaho me hum dil bichaaye rakhte hai,

Tere bagair jiye kaise,
Tum aaoge dil ko yakeen hai waise,
Tere bagair jiye kaise..
Tere bagair jiye kaise..