Teri Mohabbat Ne Mujhe Tadpa Tadpa Ke Waasiq Bana Diya

Teri mohabbat ne mujhe tadpa tadpa ke waasiq bana diya,
Tune iss janwar ko ishq me duba ke insaan bana diya,

Mayuusi chaahti hai toh tujhe sochta hu,
Tokar marke tune iss rishtey ko bejaan bana diya..

Maine sajaaye the chand taaro ke sapne gaala ghot,
Ke tune meri ummedo ka kabristaan bana diya..


Zarre zarre pe tera naam likhne ki chahat thi,
Thod ke tune ye dil khaak-e-bistaar bana diya..

Maaf toh tujhe shayad hi kar paunga mai,
Jeeteje tune mujhko zinda laash bana diya..

Khoon ke ye aansu gawa hai meri mohabbat ke,
Thod ke ye marasim tune mere ‘kirdaar’ ko sharamsaar bana diya..

~ Kirdaar Husain


*Hum Chalte Hai*

No matter how much we want things to stay the same, life is all about a change. Sometimes change is for the better, and sometimes its not.

But no matter why things are changing, we need to be able to let go and move on. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a painful breakup, or a treacherous betrayal, holding onto past, pain and resentment will only hold you back.

Hum Chalte Hai is one such journey which urges you to leave the past and move ahead towards a better tomorrow.

Courage to Walk Away


Isse pehle kiye dil bewafa ho jaaye hum chalte hai,
Khushiyan hamari ghila ban jaaye hum chalte hai,

Duaen hamari barsengi tere chaman me mohabbat bann ke,
Ki ab ye narazgi marasim na bann jaaye hum chalte hai..

Le jaa rahe hai yaado ki paeti me bhar ke armaan,
Kahi ye aarzu ab damm na tod de hum chalte hai..

Ajeeb si chahat paal rakhi hai jazbato ne,
Bawli ye saase ab sath na chod de hum chalte hai..

Aib-posh sa ho gaya hai ye ‘kirdaar’ mera,
Wajud-e-jannat mere pairo se na chinn jaaye hum chalte hai..


Remember, no past can harm you when you are well-seated in the present. Moving ahead is a part of LIFE.



Glimpse Of The Past


As the old proverb goes ”You can run from your past all you want but it will follow you for ever and ever and ever”. I was the one who was infected by this disorder. I used to move back and forth in my mind carrying the hues, pain and scars from the past to my present and would also imagine things going back to normal with those lovely days full of love coming back to life.


I had tried all the options that my friends & brothers had suggested to forget that GIRL but all was in vain. I was tied to her just like the way, a non disclosed strict treaty is to be followed, you cannot break the bond. The connection the relationship the attachment was as strong as an affinity of two substances combining  with each other. 


But she let loose the liaison, broke the vow and kicked me off the cliff of love just to let me fall in the heaven of despair and sadness. I was even unable to realize and see the gleam of happiness for a certain days till my heart perceived that the day has dawned and life was just a nightmare. The days were long, stretched and would move with a snails pace. 


My belongings used to remind me of her from time and again.


My toothbrush that we both had used while she had forgotten to bring hers.

My pillow, my quilt, my blanket that we shared to sleep at night.

My comb which we used to straighten our hair.

My rooms mirror, in front of which we used to tease each other while dressing up for the party.

My jacket which was worn more by her than i did still has her smell.

My bike which had seen all the scenic beauties as we did while moving around the highways and on the long drives.

My earphones which we shared while listening to romantic songs.

My box of chocolates which was more precious to me than my friends but used to share with her because there was nothing more which i loved than her.

My entire room was like a box filled with her memories.

Although my heart still wants her back but i am not ready for another betrayal yet, so I leave that thought and move ahead.