*Aaj Phir Apni BadKismati Pe Rona Aaya*

Are you still trying not to cringe, or suffer from another blow when you see his or her photo on your Facebook timeline?

Spot and try to decipher one of their ambiguous tweets? Or worry that you’ll see a new face appear beside theirs, on your Instagram feed?

Do you not count the number of weeks, since that very last day?

Do you not notice how their WhatsApp status blink from last seen to online, to last seen again, when the incessant missing becomes too much to bear?

Do you crash at home on Friday nights, or indulge in the company of your friends, just to give your soul the therapy it needs?

Aaj Phir Apni BadKismati Pe Rona Aaya is a tale of HEART-BREAK which soothes your agony.

Aaj phir apni badkismati pe roona aaya,
Sharab ke nashe me uska chehra yaad aaya.

Yun toh bhula chuka hu mai uski harr ek yaad ko,
Gham ke badalo me uska dard barsaat bann ke samne aaya.

Yun toh khudaai se bhi uncha hota hai rishta pyaar ka,
Phir kyu yaar ki shakal me dushman meri chaukhat pe aaya.

Namaze ada toh mai rab ke liye karta hu,
Sajde me sarr jhukte hi hoothon pe uska naam kyun aaya.

Jo kehna chahta hai ‘kirdaar’ woh bayan karna mushkil hai,
Jazbat asli wahi hai jo hoothon pe alfaz bann ke na aaya.


~ Kirdaar Husain


I am a simple man!!

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